Detoxifying Forest Fresh Deodorant
Detoxifying Forest Fresh Deodorant

Detoxifying Forest Fresh Deodorant

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This aluminium free organic and wildcrafted nature based botanical deodorant is powerpacked with ancient minerals from the dead sea and locally sourced pacific northwest herbs including usnea lichen, home grown hops, and cleavers. This deodorant isn't made to mask over body odor or to block the natural abilities of the body to sweat, instead it works with the body's chemistry to help cleanse and prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria which are the source of bad smells.




Western Red Cedar Hydrosol+, Douglas Fir Hydrosol+, Western Hemlock Hydrosol+, Silver Fir Hydrosol+, Usnea Tincture (Alcohol*, Usnea+, Water), Hops Tincture (Alcohol*, Hops*), Cleavers Tincture (Alcohol*, Cleavers+), Dead Sea Salt, Glycerin*, Essential Oils+

*Organic Grown Ingredient    +Wildcrafted Ingredient

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