Desert Rain- Biome Distillation Series - Deschampsia

Desert Rain- Biome Distillation Series

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This is the first in our "Biome Distillation Series". Wildcrafted and distilled in the Eastern Washington Desert Biome, this hydrosol is the desert in a bottle. 

The desert is a place of simplicity and purification. Its intensity requires us to let go of our excess in order to cross it's expanse. Through resilience, we are empowered to transcend that which holds us back.

This blend contains aromatic notes of fresh sage, yarrow, and rain. Like our other hydrosols this blend may also be used as a natural skin toner, linen spray, smokeless smudge, and more.



Co-Distilled & Wildcrafted: Yarrow, Purple Sage, Sagebrush, Ponderosa Pine, Mugwort, Rabbitbrush, Lactobacillus Ferment