New Moon Cancer Eclipse- Astrological Distillation Series - Deschampsia

New Moon Cancer Eclipse- Astrological Distillation Series

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This is the first in our "Astrological Distillation Series". Wildcrafted and distilled under the New Moon Cancer Eclipse in July 2019, it is truly something special.

This unique selection of plants evokes home, nurturing, and gently expunging stagnation. Here, we remember that internal ecology is just as important as global ecology. Growing requires resilience in honoring our experiences and trauma. This is healing space.

This blend contains aromatic notes of lavender, mind, lemon balm, and forest. Like our other hydrosols this blend may also be used as a natural skin toner, linen spray, smokeless smudge, and more.


Co-Distilled Homegrown Lavender, Wildcrafted Western Red Cedar, Wildcrafted Douglas Fir, Wildcrafted Fireweed, Homegrown Mint, Wildcrafted Lemon Balm, Wildcrafted Thistle Flower, Wildcrafted Goldenrod, Wildcrafted Yarrow, Wildcrafted Saint Johns Wort